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Reverse logistics applies to all operations related to the reuse of products and materials. It is "the process of moving goods from their typical final destination for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal. 

When a manufacturer's product normally moves through the supply chain network, it is to reach the distributor or customer. Any process or management after the sale of the product involves reverse logistics. If the product is defective, the customer would return the product. The manufacturing firm would then have to organize shipping of the defective product, testing the product, dismantling, repairing, recycling or disposing the product. The product would travel in reverse through the supply chain network in order to retain any use from the defective product. The logistics for such matters is reverse logistics.

We can help you not only planning how to distribute your product, but how to bring it back  when a customer returns it or the product become obsolete. By managing returns effectively, you can recapture value or reduce write-offs, and ensure customers satisfaction.

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Reverse Logistics

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