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Our CFS Bonded Warehouse and Logistic Complex is located near to Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The warehousing capacity is expandable to adjacent facilities that work under consortium. We have as well branch agencies located across Canada in Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg.

Safety  and  Convenience  are two main  assets at our  warehousing and  distribution facilities. Services include:


•All modes of transportation receiving and forwarding


•Management reporting

•Returns system

•Inventory management

•Order fulfillment.

Warehouse staff facilitates complete strategy in offering many logistical solutions:

•Secure facilities, monitored by CCTV

•Short and long-term storage

•Customs bonded warehouse

•Simultaneous process of substantial volumes

•Proficiency in storage and handling operations

•Specialized equipment for handling different types of goods

•Pick-up and delivery of merchandise

•SOPs and integration in the supply and delivery process

•Order preparation, product labeling, pallet packing, repacking

•Part handling, kit preparation system, pick and pack services

•Management of stock and inventory


•Reshipping operations

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