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For more than 30 years, we have proven to be a reliable partner to companies in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries. Your temperature-sensitive products are going to be safe with us. They will be stored at our clean, dust- and pest-free facility, with constant temperature monitoring and complete inventory visibility in real time.

We can guarantee the following parameters:

  • Storage between 15-25° C (59-77° F)

  • Humidity levels between 35-65% RH

  • Redundant HVAC system to ensure continuous operation

  • Security systems with video surveillance and alarms

  • Epoxy-sealed floors to ensure a dust-free environment

  • Pest-control procedures

  • Quality control processes

  • Full GMP and GDP compliance

Parameters are guaranteed on a 24/7 basis, with remote monitoring and uninterrupted power supply.

We give you full access to our inventories and you can trace your shipments using our proprietary Atlas Freight Management SystemTM  

Does your product have specifications different than the ones listed here?
Contact us,   we will find a solution to meet your needs!

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